Youth BJJ (Ages 8-14)

In our Kids Programs, we instill in our students the qualities that will help them throughout their lives. Kids learn that Commitment, Respect, Focus, Self-Discipline, Hard Work and Effort always make for a rewarding experience and bring positive results. We build our classes in a way where the students know exactly how many classes they must attend and how they must behave at home and school in order to get stripes and belt promotions. All rank promotions must be signed off on by parents and teachers.

 We empower kids who have never participated in physical activities or have been victims of constant bullying at school, into confident, respectful and skilled martial artists. Consistency is paramount. Inconsistent training will many times lead to discouragement and failure to develop passion for training. All of the classes taught in our Kids Jiu-Jitsu Program are lead by highly qualified JiuJitsu coaches under the direction of a Renzo Gracie Black Belt. 

 Our techniques aren't based on kicking and punching. Nor are they based on katas or prearranged set of movements carried out on cooperative training partners. Instead, our kids learn how to apply grappling techniques on a resisting partner who's not cooperating and is counteracting with his own moves. This is why our kids are successful at developing both confidence and humility within the first year. The way we train is much like how physical confrontations take place in the streets, opponent fully resisting and trying to apply his/her own moves under the supervision of our expert coaches.